Friday, January 8, 2010


Well I made it through another year end close! When you work in accounting the first week of the new year is such fun closing out the books from the previous year.

I have been spending all my 'free' time signing up for drawings and fun stuff. I actually won one! I received a lovely box of strings and also two fat quaters from JulieK! I took a picture of it with my found camera with the new batteries but now my camera and computer aren't talking right to each other so I can't get to the pictures! So, thank you Julie; the box was received and is much appreciated.

I've also signed up to make string quilts. The challenge is to see how many we can make in a year. I've made a couple of string quilts and I really like them so this should be fun.

I've also signed up to do a block lotto.

I'm not real good at adding links and buttons to my blog. If any one has any easy instructions I would love it! My children claim that I'm technologically challenged but I still say it's just a lack of experience! lol

Happy quilting!

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