Thursday, December 29, 2011

UFO list

Wow, what a year. I am so ready for 2011 to be over with already. It has not been a good year. So, I'm focusing on 2012. I saw Judy's UFO challenge and thought, "oh I don't have enough UFOs". Imagine my surprise when I discovered 16! So, I'm going to participate in the challenge and see what I can get done.

UFO list
1. Hop Scotch
2. Scrappy Trips
3. Future Bright
4. Green Strings
5. Red and Blue
6. Strings
7. Bricks
8. 4 patch furrow
9. 9 patch scrap
10. Scrap Irish Chain
11. Plaid Strings
12. Kids happy  blocks
13. Hexagon runner
14. Blue green spiderweb
15. Baby Stars
16. Frogs

There are a couple of babies on the way that need quilts so there are a few of these that will work for that so if they are already done when that number comes up I'll switch or just double up.

Happy quilting!

1 comment:

  1. You are doing great to get them listed...there is not a big enough piece of paper to list all mine...